vii. who shot ya?


To quote Dido on Faithless' "One Step Too Far":

I've been waiting
I'm still waiting

It's always one step too far

( shot by Sun_Lava )

1ove, waits.

  1. This stranger is damn fine, Bj lips for days *hides

  2. Karabo! *smh

  3. @Karabo:

    Entlek what's going on with you jo? You've become rather sexually perverted?

    At the sight of any woman you see a sexual perversion of it?

    Where I come from we don't treat women (in fact any human being) like that — surely you are free to express yourself — but with that freedom comes the responsibility of knowing what impact your words have, if spoken.

    Some thoughts, ideas are only shared in private, with yourself or close knit crew.

    So, if you will: could you 'critique' the work than throw jabs at women — it is not appreciated; in fact it is distasteful.

    *FYI: she is only a 'stranger' because I do not remember her name — she is a friend of ours.


  4. tjo, bo ntate lekwatile man, ke maswabi and ke gopela tshwarelo tou.

    I will refrain from posting offensive comments on this site, only positive words shall flow my typing.

    Alas... I like the effect of the light in her mouth :)

  5. Cool.

    It is not so much 'bout positive words — negative ideas, thoughts are all acceptable however what is not is 'offensive/derogatory comments'.

  6. Sure.

  7. Love how you managed to capture the eyes....think if one stares, one could get lost in transit.

  8. Yeah, her eyes were the selling point to plugging this 'graph.

  9. i really really honestly like this photograph!

  10. ta!