Towards the end of last year I decided I will be changing the strategic position of my business. What I am going to change it to is something I have not done before but it is what I need to do.

like Miki Agrawal asked herself: … “What do I want my lifestyle to be like?”

I am asking myself the same question — a change is going to happen.

( shot by Sun_Lava )

1ove, redirection.

  1. I am thinking of going solo, it's still a scary thought as I have no plans as to how am gonna pay rent, going back home and setting up an office is not option because my siblings have taken over my old room and aloso beacause I hate Alexandra.

    So kicking them out won't be viable, so ya, I am also asking myself “What do I want my lifestyle to be like?”

  2. I hear you — at the core of this question is that: only you can answer it.

    It don't matter how many reasons anybody else tells you what you should or not, it's all on you.

    Alas, best of luck with the decision — just remember though; you don't have to stick through any decision you make, as much as you are free to make up your mind; you are free to change your mind.

  3. word.

  4. i love this image -- so yummy

  5. :-)