Alternative Shades


Oh, I forgot to tell you yesterday — about a new thing I done add to this:

… you can now go through 'next' + 'previous' photographs by just using the left+right arrow keys on your keyboard, enjoy.

… and that is going to be added to 75 too, :-)

1ove, experiments.

  1. That functionality is king, it got stuck for a sec and I thought you were talking nonsense.

  2. ta!

  3. now that's fantastic

  4. :-)

  5. this is mad fresh yo!
    Good job on the redesign.

  6. ta!

  7. I'm love the new look and the added functionality.
    "Your Critique" instead of "Your Comment" asks more from the user.

    Interesting treatment on the photograph.
    Senepe seo se mathjile le site.

  8. ta!

    Maybe I should do the same on 75 — ask for a critique on the 'comments' thing, than a 'comment' ye?