If all goes well you should be seein' a brand new version of this here photo-journal.

There has been a lot o' backend (geeky term for the system that runs this thing), for example:

  1. Spammers, I now I have reCAPTCHA to stop you from flooding my mail for days;
  2. You can use your twitter/facebook profile (google and yahoo where being dicks about allowing an offline system to test with their servers);
  3. I have added more to the 'biography' (more like a living-stream of what I am doing type thing: twitter/75/flickr/imgly/lastfm)
  4. Buzz was also being a dick about not giving visuals to pull what was buzzing;
  5. the design is similar to the old one — a few colour tweaks and tighter parts — I am still not happy with the comments, but we shall see what I do as time rolls along.

but, most importanly its (drum-roll):

photo-narratives: I can add more than one photograph (I know it's been there in the past), but sometimes there is more to a photograph than just one of them — they work better as a collective.

Alas, those that know me, will know most of these changes — means I will be implementing a lot of them on 75 — this site has always been the testing ground for 'crazier' ideas.

So, ja — do not forget to let me know when things break.

FYI: I will not be tweeting when I post new 'graphs — I still believe in this site being a site YOU want to visit at your own time, I ain't gotta remind you this exists (+8 years running, you know the drill).

1ove, 16th.


  1. lets, see if comments work?

  2. *cheers mate

  3. ta!

    But, I have already spotted problems — I don't have the time to fix 'em, yet.

    Amma go to sleep now.

  4. I digg how the tags are done, the conversation is also killer, Nice one mate :-)

  5. ta!

    lol — I had forgotten 'bout the tags.

    xperimental stuff there — random ish.


  6. Capitals?! But I mean, at this time of night ... somebody ought to be screaming my name anyways

  7. LOL!

    Well, like I said — I don't like the 'comments', but I needed a design-thing that I can roll with and the site done, after that.

    I'll be resetting the 'capitalz' on alias', then get the 'comment' itself to be slight larger, with Georgia as the font, I hope I'll still like it.


  8. what!!!! i dig this twitter/facebook thingy. Its like my profile is on your site. Dope.

    Actually I dig all the changes, the flickr/twitter/imgly stream is really dope man.

    dope one.

  9. ta!

  10. mara wait... is the twitter/facebook thing suppose to update ones profile status?

  11. @Mpumelelo: nah yo — that would be pushing 'violation' of privacy way too far — I am only using it to authenticate you as a 'person' and not a 'spamming-bot'.

  12. User-interface, beautifully crafted.


  13. ta!

  14. clean and fresh.
    me likey.

  15. ta! :)

  16. ait dope. Thats RAD. :) I dig.

  17. no more caps ahhh...noice