"ideas, like eggs, don't hatch in the open. they need to be nurtured. usually in a quite, dark, secretive place. and very closely guarded." – NguJaz

1ove, june30th.

  1. Word

  2. Lovely photograph, accompanied by wise words. 1ove, NguJaz

  3. Yay!

  4. *lank embarrased over here

    but remember how the old folks would say, don't tell everybody what you're planning? the sentiment was that if you did, you gave away a bit of it every time, until there was nothing of it left; and the dream didn't hatch.
    so the closer you guard your ideas, the more likely they are to hatch sans disturbance (aka boloi -- lol!)

  5. Love it.
    The quote is amazing.

  6. Ha, Boloi?


  7. Pic, the words, everything make sense.