a holiday awaits

us all.

we deserve it, dam it!


1ove (nearly wrote l'vovo).

  1. indeed it does. i've identified the location -- i just need to travel incognito --

  2. hell yeah...beautiful shot man.

  3. this really made my day!
    i take it you have not looked at your inbox BTW...

  4. I done read it, like in the morning --- but I did respond, like now, now :-)

  5. shot.

    ye lebogang. a holiday is never a bad idea. and we need not travel to a different hemisphere to escape the winter. the east coast is just around the corner..

    *beer, sun, food, fewd, hauz muzak

  6. yes yes holidays
    sun beach friends lots to eat lots to drink
    indeed they should be happening more often

  7. i need
    i need

  8. hmmm, i think i recognise the lovely lady lounging on the land... stunning picture

  9. oooooh nice shot!@!!!!
    i love the sand waves!