Good morning!

When I was at school (varsity) I was part of a group of people who met up on Thursdays during lunch to engage in formalised discourse about the 'state of affairs' of the world.

The coming together was aptly called, Nexus.

I loved that word ever since, and I do believe another Nexus is on the horizon.


  1. brilliant pics!

    that reminds of the words 'solar plexus'
    (only because it rhymes)
    as a kid i always complained about having aches in my 'solar plexus' b4 i actually knew what it really was

  2. Ha!

    I had to wiki that --- I had forgotten what 'solar plexus' was.

    But it does hurt though, especially when somebody 'elbows' you --- I remember being elbowed by my sister once, it crippled me to the ground.

    The thought of the pain alone, is making me nervous.

  3. lol! @steffaffi

    that takes me back to the days of WWF wrestling. everybody got hit in the solar plexus. i still don't know what it is

    *google is thy friend - wiseman

  4. ^ ^ ^

  5. i like this. it's delightful.