Fire Burns All

Away has returned.

I was in a bad state in the last two days.  I had to shut some of the noise up.


  1. I know what you mean about the noise joe.

    Tell me how you pulled off this picture though.
    Did you clone it - but it's not the same flame? Or perhaps you cloned it, and then manipulated the clone...yes?

    Glad you are better.
  2. i've been trying to figure that out me'self...
    nice picture...

    glad ur in a better state...
  3. This pic...Oh...My...P.
    Mo fire (lack of a better phrase on a bad day). Ho. (the pic yes).

  4. Multi-exposure???? I am a newbee.
  5. Yeah the image brings a whole lot of last night memo. It was dark and there were candles around/ god.
  6. how? the pic! fantastic!
  7. "Hippnotic state of mind"
  8. (The pic is...) just what my tender back needs.
    Any of you been in refrigerated, butcher's van - that's what this office feels like.

    (The pic is...) just what my toes need.
  9. the picture... WOW!! some work of art I tell ya... I don't care how you done it ...
    ...ok'salayo, u done it!!!
  10. ... err, multiple shots, around 1 or 2 shots every second. I had to blow at the flame to make it move.

    Then combined the images together (well the camera did that, the nikon 4500, dam i miss that camera).

    ... that's all there was to it.
  11. So was I right by saying its the multi-exposure tech. right?
  12. No.

    I actually tried to explain what I want to say, but it takes too much effort, and right now I have to rush and buy motlakase.

    But, if you searched on google and typed: "define:multiple exposure" you will get the definition of what you are saying, and it is not what I did.

    I took multiple shots, like 16 or so, rapidly.
  13. what stays behind is: it's a kcufen dope pic!!!
  14. Ok'salayo.
    Nice baba. Dope. o as ama-skaters will say... it's sick.
    Bese mina ngithi: iyagula. Nysh.