Blurred Amigos*

So, you have been to Moz, you had a good time, what are you going to about the current situation there now? Will you help? Will wait for somebody else to help?

* - photograph by Liketso 

  1. wots going on in moz, i thot its one of africas rising stars?
  2. War on terror! The news wasn't meant for all us it seems. I hope all hasnt been destroyed by the floods. More concerned about the pple: food and shelter.
  3. in order of appearance: (left to right)
    Lebogang, 'unidentified', matome.

    misty beach or misty camera - either way, tight.
  4. That's a funny picture. Like a stick man drawing.

    Y'all holding M2 (Manica for Lebogang) no doubt
  5. 2M, not M2!!

    yeah, great pic.

    Here's how to help, go back there, have more fun and spend more money there. It sounds condescending, but I'm serious about this.
  6. Yeah reload. Had to intergrate the content on the site so i added i new artist and the about page is now complete. I say i prayer for the moz citizens. Like tsunami victims aid will come.
  7. whats goin on in alex, the place is being being torn up - taxi ranks, old shops etc??
  8. My bad M2 it is then Matome.

    I say everybody for themselves - in Moza situ as well - everybody for will make 'em stronger.

    I bet you we'd be better of if there we knew the only people we had to count on were ourselves, this I mean in the singular, as a community, as a nation, as a continent even.
  9. woooooooooops, I mean 2M
  10. Its bad, in situations where u find pple who had just a lil' bit to get by, and now find themselves having that lil' something getting wiped out like that. Is it really true that:
  11. there were also places where ppol used to live - they were dumps but homes for those folks - now they all gone. where??
  12. know how you hate people calling your journals blogs.
    If I was to nominate you for the blog awards...

    and you won, would you accept the trophy?
  13. yeah i definetly think u should be nominated...

    and yes i respect that this is not a blog...but its a very nice site...*think about it?*