Object of My Affection

  1. Lebza ngwana. What's goin' on on yo tlogo lately?
  2. this picture is amazing
  3. Happy Valentines day! Get drunk get laid!
  4. It is a lovely picture indeed...
  5. the sky is red,
    If the sky would be like this today the valentine will be complete. yeah! comrade
    great pic

    to all of you there enjoy the RED & WHITE DAY!!!
  6. It's an amazing picture - how do they say it in the movies? It takes my breath away.

  7. And den?
    Where the heck is AWAY?
    You just disappear, no warning, nothing, how can? Nooo maan. This ain't right waitse.
  8. Yep it is a day of love indeed. I woke up in the morning and my ex called asking for i LB. Well she can't resist the CIA (Cute Incredible and Attractive) any more so she gave in. Mhh 2night ne...uploade success v3.
  9. ya just like that...its gone AWAY... :(
  10. who you loving today?
    the picture is nothing short of teasing...
  11. it's beautiful, peaceful and like really hot as Mac's colour pallette.
  12. Are any of 'yall getting drunk and laid vandag? This pic just seemed to start it all. Is is an aphrodisiac for nina na?
  13. This is gonna b a long day!
  14. I have just received the following sms from Captain Morgan:"Yep, Valentine's is cheesy, but Captain's Mates know that any situation can be salvaged with a dash of adventure & Cappies. Make this V-Day a legendary one." Right there I have decided to get myself a bottle....
  15. must agree with davinci, breathe taking!