Yo! I met up with George yesterday at my usual spot: europa, rosebank.  Super cool dude, plus he got a crib near rosebank, can you say decadence?

I just can't seem to get my self to call a dude, Gorgeous, sorry George, I just can't do it, GG is kewl neh?

I need to stop talking about Muff-town, I can't seem to stop, I had way too much fun, way too much, this is the last time. 


  1. ah mara, when r we seeing the pics like the first one u posted from mafikeng. u know the one with the dancers?
  2. Ke nyaka go bona dirope kaka. Le makgareba a botsana. Re nyaka go bona dinepe kabotšhi wena ngwana wa ga Nkoane.
  3. BEAUTIFUL.... :)
  4. dira yalo ge rre. rotlhe re batla selo se senotshi, so come thru for your boys. look if it's a sticky green affair to go public with 'em pics...let's arrange for a blok#2 viewing party, ge, wa reng ge wa rre? tshiamo gotsa nyaa?
  5. Hai, khona. I am not going to compromise my new found friends, they are very good people to keep around, for december.

    Mara, the ICE+BLOK#2 is not a bad idea.

    Say when?
  6. I'll b in Gomora ka wknd... Heita-Hola!
  7. When it's about to gloom! and god was preparing his bed then, to sleep!
  8. I just had sum, afrodisiac shit (metsosha)from Cameroon. Name disguised for obvious reasons. I am sure it aint hard to tell though. Hahaha:-)