Mickey Gaga

For some reason this photograph looks better this way, than turning it into a portrait. That is my cuz, Mickey Gaga!

There will be no ass popping on this here journal, unless, that ass popping has some artistic photographic value. That is my stance and I am sticking to it.

Whut? Its friday, get drunk, get laid, then get her/him drunk.


  1. Hhhhm. Hu dis b?
  2. yo - L - the name gorgeous wasnt meant for the guys - its for the ladies (strickly) - i get worried wen a guy calls me gorgeous.g - ko kasi ke Sgejo - its was nice to see dude ... that spot ko rosebank ... its killer ....
  3. there I was, two o'clock, calling like a mad fool. damn, i was looking for a spot like a mo'foker. where were u at?
  4. I was at the Discovery -'Dazzle' - Christmas party, iyo, discovery throws a bash for their 5000 or so staff.

    But I then left around, 11, so I got your missed-calls this morning.

    Kopano, went home, so if he had not I would have stuck around, for awhile,,, I wanted to rock Horror Cafe,,, but I needed 'majita' for that ish,,,
  5. horror last nite .... admiral. the king of the dancehall.
  6. I was at Horror last nite. thats when I was calling around like crazy. I went there in my BEE get-up, so kinda didn't feel like I was gelling well. Ooh, hit fashion cafe before that, the spot is nice but last nite wasn't so tite. Apparently 340ml is at 88, just might check that out.
  7. "I didn't mean to walk away,
    But I hear every word they say,
    I guess my mind just drew a blank" ..Doctors Advocate...The Game. He talks about Loyality to Dre. The beats on this album have Dre's influence but you'll b suprised 2 find out that none of the trax were done him.
  8. hao??isnt that Lloyd kante?le bare batho ba tswhana, ke Lloyd o! man