Ra Swima

Temperature in Muff town was like 37 degrees in the shade.  I got burnt, but I got my nerdy-pale legs tanned.

Aside, I am trying to find a balance  between a well taken photograph as compared to an interesting photograph.  I think from 340+ I took in Mafikeng I have more of the latter, which in restrospect is all about memory and not about photography.

The other debate is ethics, I think out of the 25 thousand plus photographs, 20% of them, I cannot show to the public.  I suppose it will be a debate that never ends, you know like taking photographs of strangers, what gives me the right to do so and more so who am I to display them to the public?


  1. its in the public's interest, which is under-pinned by a robust constitution. hehehe, just show the damn pics, :)
  2. Pple shall share.
  3. I reckon, if you were going to make money out of the photographs, then it would be bhard. That's with regards with the strangers pictures.

    I'm not sure what other ethics you are talking about. Nje, I think media law will have to change drastically...soon...because people can abuse the system especially with blogs around.

    But ya, I'd say be careful. But I want to see the photos.
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  5. abe...wahlanya!!!