Moving along


… I am not chasing a dream, but, I am changing where I want to dream.

In 18 hours I be will driving down to move to Capetown.  I am not moving to Capetown permanently, but I am leaving Johannesburg permanently.

1ove, found.

  1. last week i started going through all your history on sinah, i will say this, you are an inspiration to me and my chosen proffesion ( web design and development.

    this site is old ntate, alas let dreams live and prosper.

    Have a safe trip down to the mother city.

  2. merci!


  3. Happy trails my friend.

  4. word.

  5. Nice one Boet, how did you convince the pilot to allow you to oocupy the cockpit...

  6. crazy ill!

  7. dope shot