One more thing done


for as far back as I have flown I've always wanted to capture this shot, where I am at the same level as the clouds.

and this is one my happiest moments.

1ove, june30th.

  1. OMG!
    i have no words to describe this. literally.

  2. It has that outer space feel. We like "Outer Space" like Johhny #5.

  3. this is special! just wen you forget how awesome this planet is

  4. absolutely beautiful...!!!
    u still owe me... maybe this one

  5. This. is. Amazing.

    What did you shoot this with?

  6. @blogsta

    I do that, but you will have to wait till I move Capetown.

    Which is this weekend, I think I will get printing shops and frames easier that side than this side.

    canon 450d (standard issue lens)

  7. i've waited this long... no sweat!! :)

  8. magical