is how I feel, right now.

and in a way --- I am not feeling the photography I've uploaded this year, inlcuding this one, ah well.

1ove, lost.

  1. This one makes me sad....I don't know why...

  2. global warming?

    or the return trip home?

  3. thats hot. im feeling it.

  4. More global warming than anything.....


    the thing about coal powered power stations...yes, I'm just going to talk about the power stations part of global warming...is this...Lulu Nation. And please spread the message.
    The less electricity you use in your home. The less power is needed to be generated. The less coal is used. The sweeter the environment.
    Obviously what you want to do is eliminate the carbon emissions completely. But one step at a time, and here I suppose I'm just talking about what YOU and I and the normal joe can do about it.

    THIS GOES TO THOSE GOES FOR THE 4x4 DRIVER AS WELL. Ditch the darn thing and by yourself a friendly mobile. A bike at best!


  6. woops I meant I throat. I was clearing my throat. You know ghr-ghr eish.

  7. I'm sorry you are feeling blue Leboooooooooo

  8. mordor