through the bushes

Really, I don't know, hey --- I really do not know.  This funny thing called 'love'.

Is one only by definition allowed to love one person --- what if without fail, one finds themselves in love with 3 people, all the time? Is it not love even if it is felt?

1ove, love. (LOL!)

  1. I think initially, it may be uncontrollable that. MAYBE! Hm. Actually I haven't quite made up my mind about whether it is, or isn't controllable. Can you control it. Perhaps.
    My point I suppose is this, whether initially or later on in your journey of love - you make a choice, or atleast most of us do, and thats when they other millions of lovers fall away. And you just concentrate on one.
    It is absolutely possible to love three people...five people...lost more. Its such an easy thing to do that. There are so many loveable beings, how can you not love more than one.

    As for that last bit. Is it not love even it is is felt. Love is what you say is love. You can promote a mere liking to love in an instant if you so please, you can demote love to lust in an instant if you please. You control everything...huh, I mean a lot of things - certainly how you feel about things or people. Its all on you. Gosh I miss writing.

  2. eish, a lot of spelling errors up there. sowie.

  3. I hear you --- and yes, you need to get back to writing!

    *making a wish

  4. He scary.

  5. Love is cool, man. Specially when you cant control it. The ones who always get you are the ones you never saw them coming. Calm down and enjoy the ride.

    *Inspired to be a gentleman