Yes, yes, yes!

The entire server was not accessible because of one single command: SELinux=progressive

Not, really sure why that corrupted everything else, but we wait and see what happens in the 'forensic investigations'.

Enjoy the coming week: ?uestlove @ RIOT!

1ove, hiphop.

  1. Live Now. Celebrate Life - it only gets better in time - cant for Riot!

  2. Celebration. Cheers for december.

  3. NiYce photograph dun! Eish,,, everybody seems to be rubbing in this whole Riot thang! I want to GO too...

  4. aloha

    This picture has got me feeling really nostalgic.

    It reminds me of school days when we had picnics every end of term, darn those were the days.
    Underage drinking and general mayhem..:-)

    ?,amma be there