Yeah, so the Sixties came and went.

What a mutha-effing party! iYo! I am definately going back again. The phrases to remember are 'Muff Jozi! and 'Star Butcher'!


  1. What the...? Yooo! I'll see you later to scope the rest then, fa sho!
  2. "yeah I wish I was there baba"
  3. sh#t, damn, gimme sum mo'
  4. Labantwana bababa njengo-pelepele.
    yerrr. Amajita a-cope-e kanjani?
  5. I see her by half-chances, and know that she'd wanna find out if I am seeing some1 b4 she gives it up, but I know telling her that I have some1 would drive her away. Don't think she'd settle for 2nd best, on contrary I luv my 1 2 bits. My troubled life....
  6. Yoh. Sounds like yinkinga le that you're in. Why do yu get yourselves in situations mara? And what r yu on about nje?

    Lekka Monday zonke-bonke.
  7. Yoh! Yoh! Yoh! Yoh! I'm going bigger and better next year.
    Taking the whole freakin week off.
    Maftown was the bow-wow for reals.

    ABE, do you want this chikies ass or a full on relay? Either way, you should tell her that you have a number 1 (infact you should tell your number 1 that you have a number 2). Just put it all on the table and see what happens. The truth will set you free...
  8. D! No doubt! It was dope, I found my second love, House Music!

    there is this track, goes something like, '... something about you, I wanna know what it is, I need to know what gives...'

    iyo! this song, i yang'jova! yooooooo!
  9. I guess I want it all, D. If I'd move on from the current 1, will I ever settle down? Else I think I should doit Lebogangs-way, get drunk get laid, and 4get about the things one said, and done when drunk......
  10. L, so did u touch?
  11. err,,, i don't remember.
  12. Lebogang, house music is the one.
    Wasn't much of a fan, but I got this crazy friend that's obsessed with it, and that's rubbed off on me a little.
    I know that song...was that the first time for you? FUCK MAN, you don't know what you've been missing out on for reals.
  13. Yeah, I hear ko Tshwane, bana ba hlanya ha be e utlwana.

    I have been playing it since I got back home, it's on repeat, I need to get the artist and track name.

    ... talking about you, talking about you... (que, beat drop, iyoooooooooo!),,, get down!
  14. Soul Candi 3
  15. I discovered this other song the last time I was at the 60s. I just fell in love with it. It goes something like:

    "I saw you last night...I watched you dance, how you moved, how you grooved, how you shaked...and I'm hoping...if I see you tonight that only one dance will do, just to dance the whole night through. Just you and me, just to feel that warmth, the love...the passion, the music, the rhythm makes me high...just to be with you - baby."
    Yoh! Yoh! Yoh!
    "I was hoping, to ask for a dancing - just to hold you...and catch your smile..."
    It's a beautiful song...I become a zombie everytime I hear it.

    Welcome to house music.
  16. Hau, D. Its not that I was not into house music, but I had given up for some time now,,, I just realised why I love house music.

    "... not everyone understands house music, it's a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing, house music ..." - eddie amador, ian pooley (house music remix)
  17. ... ta abe, will look out for that!
  18. ahhhhhhhh, I see. My bad.
  19. Oh, yeah, I got info on the track, it's from DJ Tokzen's MMthi's Essential Selection 4, its track number four: Something About You - by Lorayne (Rocco's Deep Mix).

  20. I am listening to Donuts(Sample Traxx) by JDilla. There a track called "TIME: The Donut of The Heart". I played this to one of my MC boyz, He killedit, mashed it and flatten the beat. One day, I am gonna try my luck with this muzik thinging. Used to be an MC and in a Band way back in Hi-Skul. Then, the life of acohol, drugs and women came into being and haven't looked back ever since. Lord I know my way to temptation, deliver me from all evil.
  21. "... the best way to avoid temptation, is to succumb to it." - Ibrahim Lincoln
  22. Dang dawg! I missed out huh? I wana see more pics of the shorty's out thurr!!!
  23. u r soo rite....
    i understand house music...its a soulful thing...forsheezy!!!

    THAT picture...yuuuyuuu...was that at the FHM party, heard about the gals there....haai bo!!
  24. Suave, hell's yeah you missed out, big time!

    Blogsta, the party was at some yfm do ko Mafikeng, I think the girls are called, Rush (pussy cat dolls esque),,,

    Hell I don't remember much, I was mad drunk at this do, I just remember 'clicking' away as they performed,,, then I blacked out, after that.
  25. You guys are freakin' hilarious.
    Abe...the legend continues...

    So IBRAHIM said all that huh Lebogang. You guys are fucken legends.
  26. yoooooooooooo ..... bafoweto i missed out mosss. yesus - so much scattered ass - was maf-town on the tip (whatever happens in Maf-town - stays in maf-town) -it reminds me of margate KZN this year - every1 had something on some1 to use as blackmail - i like those kinda parties ... moskont im there next .... il walk there if i hav too.
  27. suave - my man can i get ur email adress - ke batla go ke xpressa jo. mine ke - ( eeshh i must do gmail1 - webmail is old news.) - give me holla jo -
  28. ABE, isn't settling down - settling?
    Is life really about settling down?
    Leave her and live a little...
  29. gawd damn! where was i 4 years ago??? ill shot.