60s Party.

It turns out I am still going to the Sixties party.  Yeah, it's going to be untidy.

"Where you gonna be, where you gonna be, when we rock Medunsa? Where you gonna be, where you gonna be, be when we rock TNT? BOP le Thebe badibusa!" -  Junior (ala Boom Shaka).  Its going to be falling in MUFF town!

You know the drill: get laid, get drunk, in that order!


  1. Eiish, 1 of those wknds I'd prefer: Get Paid, Get Laid, Get Drunk. Y is it every time your woman is around for the wknd, Every other lady wants to give some ass "This wknd or never"? I was Bumping:"Fancy cars, credit cars, trips in December, things we do for love, Diamond rings, Pearls and things do you remember, Dintho tse re di etsang for Lerato." Horace Brown... Damn I still feel the song.
  2. abe, you always have some rather interested stories to tell. I think you should get a blog. Did you end up replacing the mrs' lin-ga-rie?

    Lebo...eish the 60s...its gonna be hectic hey. Right now - the only thing stopping me from going is that I have no accomodation - the whole freakign city's booked out - can you believe that. But you never know...the itch...it all depends on the itch.
    AND ARRIVE ALIVE you heard.
  3. yeah, Davinci, I heard, but I was made to understand that some people sleep in their cars. If i had no accomodation, I would have pitched my tent, plus I have not used it since Moz.

    Yo, who has the first Boom Shaka album, on cassette even, the blue tapes?
  4. Firslty I complained to her of a head-ache. She asked what caused it, then I expalined:"I tripped->fell->hang onto her lingerie and it tore." Well I had a 2nd explanation in place:"That I was fantasizing 'bout her." However I thought the 1st xcuse would be thicker. I kicked myself when she mentioned that she thought she had left the pair @ her parents house. Damn abe you should @ times just wait for the lady to ask 1st.
  5. LOL! You are legend Abe.

    As for the 60s - something will come up.
  6. ace - you are my hero for the day - i cant go to the 60s - working - but hey i might end up there any - i must just come up with an xcuse i havent used yet - any ideas guys -REMEMBER - the 1s you think of 1st ive already used them ... so lets get creative -
  7. well, is the boss a darkie?
  8. no - so what do have in mind?
  9. don' wan' ly 2 u sun. Ain't no gettin' away from the pitch. Y'ello 60s for every1 but yu & I.

  10. yo Lebza.
    was with Sello las' nite and Mzwandile (hac1 ko streteng) was askin' me abt yu. Kuldn't tel him jack really coz i dono much abt yu either except dat i respec yu & ur span mfana.

    smol world dis is. Like a chinese cup of bitter tea.