this is day one — how many years lived matter?

1ove, ages.

  1. Happy Belated Befday :)

  2. Ta!

  3. great great photo

  4. thank you.


  5. When IS your birthday Lebogang?

  6. on the 15th of july.

  7. I feel sorry for people who were born via induced labour...I don't know, it feels like another human being forced you out and not you or mother nature. I've met two babies who were born this was because the doctor was going on Xmas vacation so they rushed the birth. I speak and I haven't given birth. Not sure if I have a right yet...what if that happens to me. I say all this because I like birthdays. But not induced ones. Is that wrong?

    What was happening in this picture? Why this aggressive cloud?

  8. it was a fire