We are made of this


I suppose, explaining my absence has become a running thread huh. I am not doing very well, spiritually. Trying to find the counter balance to unhinged my soul.

*whatever that means, it feels to be the best explanation I got.

1ove, eludes.

  1. habitual -- but it's understood

  2. When I was 17yrs old, an adult (supposedly educated and an "expert") told me that the words "squatter camp" were not PC. She advised me to use "informal settlement" instead. But years and years later I still think she was wrong, even though I am very PC. These settlements are not informal..they are very official (although mostly desperate) statements of settlement done by people. They are the most outspoken examples of formal actually- considering the lack of congruent and government officiated action. They define human existence at its most basic and ambitious need.

  3. True.