Pre-emptive thoughts

Just like the year before --- I shall mark this as the last photograph I post.  I shall, 'see' y'all next year.  I get way too drunk to remember to keep this alive.

Moratiwa o fihlile, empa, ke a sola gore ena ha sa ng'rata.(f7 all of it).

All is fair in love and war, no?

1ove, lost.

  1. Nice picture.. Martian spacecraft landing ala Independence day ..will be waiting for more shots on the other side..2009!

  2. Aw!

  3. good gawd make it easy on us (c) qtip

  4. a damn beautiful shot.


  5. Whoooooaaaa

  6. WOW!

  7. Not a spaceship but rather the Almighty's blessing on one of the most poverty striken places in the country. There is hope everywhere.