Three little birds

Of all the tragedies, that I am part of, I am always the victim.


It disappoints me that, even if I am not the catalyst of the down fall, I am blamed/accused.  A few days ago a girl said to me:

I am emotionally unavailable.

What the eff does that mean?  Maybe I should get myself a girlfriend, mate.

1ove, moth.

  1. dope photograph, i love it!

  2. its easy to blame somebody else for the tragedy - but it takes balls for somebody to own up and and say hey its my fault - and i accept the consequences that come with it

    *me thinks

  3. lovely shot man.

  4. *chuckles

  5. are you serious? I'm sorry but I'm with mash

    I hope you aren't serious cause I just think that girl's line is just too killer mainn. Killer. Stick with her.