Ghetto Story

the lengendary chakih spark wants you to be lengendary.

I am literally getting obsessed with the Cham ft. Alicia Keys, Ghetto Story song. Dukes are you gonna hook a nigga u wiff fresh beats or what? dam son, my soul needs music.

edit: Do not forget why tomorrow is Human Rights day: Sharpeville Massacre. Oh, the fire story.

one, love.

  1. me _ im sorry _ this picture is toooooo dope _ for my liking _
    i must say the hood looks beautiful.

    *touch is a move


  2. ye, picture is too ill. it looks like Kabul! hahahahahaha! ok, easy.

    Dude as you might have gathered, Sunday was bad bro, I'm around tomorrow, at least I wont be having Vodka for breakfast, cause that just changes the tone of your day, naamean?

  3. Vodka for breakfast? Damn, you niggaz is living the dream. People like me, can only live thru you. With situations we is in and ish.....talking about living thru the likes of lebogang and matome, dude your pictures are getting iller al the's about that exhibition, make it like in september

  4. I can see the revolt campaign is growing big or at least what the picture depicts. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of DJ Snicka: "Notorious B.I.G 2007 mixtapes." Basically is his old lyrics laced over the popular latest beats. its aw+sum.

  5. i'yo tha picture is off the hock, it looks more like the gaza strip, hahahaha


  6. The legendary many is right, when you going to hook up the exhibition.
    I need five of your pictures - but they gotta have been blown up, can you do that for me - for a fee? I know which one's I want. Can you hook me up?

  7. looks like armageddon

  8. yoh, the photo is dope do you do that...?
    dig the look also...

  9. WOW...absolutely amazing....tite picture...!!!
    ...armageddon for sure..

    enjoy the holiday... :)