Ah, there was a time when a lot of my cousin's had offspring at the same time, and I could not remember who is who.  So I gave them names that I could remember.

This is Tshwanelo, but I remember him, by Fabio.


  1. Ever get tired of being too much in the city?
    Can't wait to be out in the bush, smelling fresh dung on the pathways, smell of veld fire, Braai, cold shower, and gallons of beer.
    So guess I can't wait to go to Klein Kariba. If I had lots of money I'd propably buy a stand somewhere @ Warmbath or Marapiane. Boom gates, access control, curfews, Parking meters, N1 N, N1 S, R21, William nicol, John Vorster, bribe moola in my ID book etc.. Cant take this no Mo'
  2. true that, abe. very true. but, it's marapyane. :-)
  3. sitting here checking for photos of my son I'm saddened when i relies that its now close to six years that i haven't seen or heard where in the world he is.despite my numerous attempts to try and gain contacts with him.i hope and pray that one day he will know of the love and constant sadness i feel to have not been able to watch him grow.happpy bday daddy's lil man on the 30th of march