Sam Farai Mugabe

A friend is lost. I do not know of how to deal with what I feel right now. I do not know how to relate to death. I do not know what it is that I feel.

The cliches of phrases runs through my mind. None describe what I feel, but this is close.


Rest, Sam Farai Mugabe.
  1. it gets stranger the older one gets. a sense of envy as he is gone to a place of rest.

    work hard and be a good person
  2. It has been just over a year and it is still quite a shock to me. Sometimes I feel it didn't really happen. The last time I saw him was on the 18th feb 2006, but it feels like a lifetime ago.
  3. Yeah, it does feel like a lifetime ago. Strange, I say, very strange.

    I miss him, though.
  4. it's been over a year but it feels like yesterday. Never forgotten my friend.
  5. Guys, I just stumbled on this. It is just over 8 years ago that Sam passed on. I never saw this at the time. Touching...