Version 13 coming your way (october 1st, 2005). The concept is very simple, did I mention a change in concept? Here is the explanation.

Sinah will become a photo-journal of individuals with African Origin (AO sounds like an organisation :-)

So, I will select two other people who will post their photographs (one per day) and soon they have posted 75 (my grandmothers age this year) photographs (that is 75 days) they too will be able to select two other people they know to start posting. So, maybe in a year there would be about 29 other people photo-journaling. Yippie!

It will become like a family tree of connections. Mathematically it would become that Pascal Triangle thing we learn when I was younger.

Interested? Simple huh?

Word is bond.
  1. fantastic idea.

  2. This is when the birth of 75 was born, wow I bow down in awe.

    LMAO [at] African Origin (AO sounds like an organisation)